Hello! I am Danyka, a 21-year-old trying to figure out life and see the world as she goes.

I was never introduced to travel by my family, I just sorta fell in love with the idea, and with that idea I made it happen. I followed my own heart and started my new life.

I decided after I got home from travelling that I wanted to start a blog for all the people out there struggling to get the confidence to pack a bag and GO.

 I’m a backpacker kicking ass and taking names! (and seeing some pretty cool countries at the same time;).

Before I left on my first backpacking trip I was struggling to find someone to come with me, and instead of letting others hold me back I went solo.

Leaving to go travelling can be an easy decision if you let it, that’s why I’m here to help you with that decision and make your dreams come true!


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