Hey there 🙂

In case we haven’t met before: Hi my name is Danyka, I’m 22 and I live in Alberta, Canada.

I am a strong believer that for some, life wasn’t meant to be lived in one place and should your heart be pulled towards a person, a country, or an experience… you must pursue it or one day you may live to regret it.

One thing I do not do i
s regret.

I am very excited that you’ve made your way here and that you are currently reading this.

Let this be just the beginning for both of us.

Welcome to the wild adventures…


Over the years I have been asked many questions about my travels and backpacking in general, so I have decided to compile all the most frequently asked questions and answer them all in one place for you below. Backpacking is the answer for an affordable yet fulfilling adventure. You’ll see so many incredible places, meet…

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