How to cope being a Traveller in Quarantine

Being a traveller stuck inside a house during this pandemic is not an easy thing. Not being able to live the free lifestyle we are used to. Feeling stuck? Feeling unmotivated? You can still make the Coronavirus Quarantine a productive, and even positive experience. Just stay focused on travel and culture. From top TV series, to books, here are some travel-related things to do at home in the Coronavirus Quarantine.

Watch a travel-inspired TV show on Netflix

What would we do without Netflix or Disney +, our two trusty quarantine companions? perfect time to watch that tv series you havent had time to watch.

Take a virtual museum or art tour

Artists, museums and galleries are rolling out some impressive digital movies to satisfy your creative and cultural cravings in the Coronavirus quarantine.

Watch an animal-packed livestream

Is there anything more relaxing than the slow-motion swim of a carefree manatee, or the innocent waddle of a penguin? Zone out with all sorts of animals, from kittens to birds and baboons on these livestream feeds.

Quarantine with your books

What better time to catch up on that bestselling book you never got the chance to read? Here are some suggestions of my favourit travel related books that you should read:
– Eat, Pray, Love by by Elizabeth Gilbert
– Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer
– The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost by Rachel Friedmen

Learn a new language

In a time of quarantine, make the world your comfort zone and get bilingual, baby. There are lots of ways to learn a new language online. You just have to decide which language to learn!

Start planning your next Adventure

Take this time to do all the research you can about whatever country you are wanting to visit next, When is the best time to go? Whats the weather like? When could I go? How long should I go for? Should I learn some on the language before I go?

FaceTime with your Travel Friends

Time change sometimes makes it so hard to keep in contact with your Long distance travel friends. Well, I know all of our sleep schedules are all out of sorts, so take advantage of staying up till 4am and FaceTime some of your friends!

I Have been using this time to Practice my archery! it’s been two years since shooting my bow because I haven’t been home.

You have so much free time so don’t waste it. Spend a crazy amount of time with your family while you are home. Take advantage of this time and do somthing you just havent had time to do in the past. Get that house or self care to-do list finished!!

Those are all the tips I have for you to stay busy during quarantine.

Stay safe everyone

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