5 Ways to Make Travel Less Stressful

Travelling has become a huge part of my life (obviously). I feel like I’m always on a plane nowadays.
It’s taken me a while to get into a groove, but I think I finally have this travelling thing down. Well, most of the time! And even though travel can still seem stressful, which it totally can be if you’re not careful, I’ve narrowed down a few things that really help me. Of course, there’s a long list of options when it comes to managing travel stress (and sometimes you can’t), but I go back to these 5 things over and over – even the basic ones.

Pack Light

This is something I ALWAYS struggle with. Before I started travelling a lot, I used to throw in whatever I thought I “might” want the option of wearing – but I learned pretty quickly that this was causing me more stress than benefiting me. Carrying around an extra-large suitcase and multiple carry-ons through the airport used to stress me out so much – what if I left something behind when I was in the bathroom? And the backaches from carrying all that stuff,  not OK. Plus, it was more stressful to have to worry about my outfits once I got to my destination – it’s so much easier to have everything planned out. Even though it takes hours beforehand, totally worth it.

Take Screenshots

Google Maps is legit my Bestfriend when travelling…until I don’t have service – which, as you know, can happen often while travelling or when abroad. So, I always make sure to take screenshots of the map and list of where I’m trying to get to – if I’m taking a train or driving to a location. This way, service or not, I know the address of the location, and how to get there.

Stay organized

Travel anxiety is real, and I’ve learned that so much of that anxiety comes from not feeling in control – something staying organized can help tremendously with. I always make a list before travelling. I love making lists for just about anything, but especially when it comes to travel. It makes things so much less stressful when everything I need to do and my packing list is written down in one spot. I usually keep a list on my iPhone, so wherever I am or whatever time of day it is, I can easily add to it.

Bring a charger

Yes, you’ll want your wall charger, but if you plan to be out and about exploring, your phone will die fast. I bring a portable charger with me EVERYWHERE so that I’m never with a dead phone – which is essential to me while travelling.

Be early

Pretty straightforward, I know, but arriving early to the airport can cut out SOO much stress! This is a constant battle for me but I am TRYING. You never know how long security lines are going to be, or what kind of other unexpected things might pop up that could cause you to miss your flight. To keep stress levels tiny, I try to arrive an extra 30 minutes early. Better safe than sorry! And if I have some extra time, which I usually do, I like to grab some snacks and water before boarding.

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