Gift Guide for the Traveller in your Life

The hardest person to shop for is, a full-time traveller who lives out of a small backpack. They only carry the bare essentials. So, finding something they need and willing to pack around and fill up the tiny left-over space they have in their bag is very hard. 

To help you out I have complied all the essentials I pack (some being Christmas gifts from others) for every trip I take and would have greatly appreciated as a gift. 

Compression packing cubes 

Absolutely one of the best travel accessories I have in my bag. Packing cubes were always a winner, but now several brands have come out with compression packing cubes which are a cross between packing cubes and compression/vacuum bags. Ladies CAN fit everything they want into any travel bag with these beauties! Truly a game charger to any packing for any type of travel.

Portable charger/ battery bank 

I don’t know how I would survive without my portable charger. I use my phone a lot while travelling by taking a ton of photos, using it for translation, directions and of course social media. The one I use has enough juice to charge up my phone at least four times before needing to be charged itself.

Sea-to-Summit microfiber travel towel 

Travel towels are light, super absorbent, quick-drying and are perfect for backpacking. They come in a range of sizes and colours. I highly suggest getting a big one for your body and a small one for your face and to wrap your hair in.

A Buff

Buffs are lightweight, tiny, and multi-purpose and make ideal gifts for travel lovers. They are super soft and work as a scarf, hat, headband, bandana, or to protect your face from dust while driving mopeds around.

Travel wallet 

They are perfect for keeping all your travel documents together. They’ve got a slot for everything. They can fit a lot of documents, like tickets, confirmation receipts, a passport and luggage tags. They can keep the most unorganized traveller organized.

Electronics cord organizer 

If you have a loved one who can never keep their electronics organized while on the road get her this electronic organizer. Everything she’ll be bringing with her will fit inside this zip up pouch. chargers, headphones, cameras, and memory cards, hard drives, ect.

Sea-to-Summit Travel Pillow 

Sleeping on trains, planes, and buses is the worst. You never get any real sleep and if you’re one of the lucky people who do, you wake up with the worst neck pain possible. The sea-to-summit travel pillow will help your female traveler get rest on the road and it packs light and comes in different colors.

Fanny pack 

There is such a stigma behind fanny packs, but I love them, they make it pretty difficult for somebody to pickpocket you and you don’t have to worry about carrying a bag around while you’re out walking around. Making you hands free.

Travel Journal 

So many travellers keep diaries while they’re on the road, and who can blame them? They’re having incredible experiences every day, and they don’t want to forget a second of their time. Even if the girl you’re buying for is not much of a writer, she will still appreciate having somewhere to write down all of the hostel recommendations, new songs that she hears, packing lists and more.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

Portable speakers are a great gift idea for any traveller as they will make your friend the most popular person in the hostel. Whether they’re hanging out in the park on a sunny day, chilling at the beach, or pre-drinking in the hostel’s common room, portable speakers with Bluetooth will turn (almost) any situation into a party.

Kindle or Kobo 

As an avid book reader, I used to hate Kindles with a passion. I love nothing more than a real book that I can hold in my hands, and the smell of a new book, there is nothing better. However, I have come to admit that Kindles/Kobo’s are more practical for travellers. They are lightweight, can store hundreds of books, and you can have new books simply by pushing a few buttons. If the woman in your life loves books but doesn’t yet have a Kindle or Kobo, then this will be a priceless gift for her.

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