5 Hacks for finding cheap flights

Cheap flights. Obviously, it is the main goal for any travels, but how do I find them?

I wanted to write this because I get questions all the time asking how I find really cheap flights, and a few family members have even got me to look for flights for them. So here are my top 5 hacks on finding cheap flights

Hack #1: Search on incognito 

Put your internet browser on private. If you look at the same flight multiple times not on a private browser, flight prices will keep going up because that website can see your interest in that specific flight date, time and location.

Hack #2: BE FLEXIBLE!!

Be flexible with where you want to go, when you want to go, and what airline you want to fly with.
keep your options WIDE open, the wider the better.


Typically, cheap flights don’t come without trade-offs. In order to trade-off effectively you need to understand what you’re cool with when it comes to the actual flight.

Do you care if you have to sleep on a plane?
Do you care if you have a crazy long layover?
Do you mind multiple flights to get to where you need to go?
Do you care where your layovers are?

Know what your boundaries are and what you and your body can handle. People are different and their travel experiences and preferences should reflect that.


Now that you’ve got the mindset down, you need the internet. Here are my top 2 MUST HAVE apps/websites for finding cheap flights:


My number one app where I book 95% of my flights. Every flight you book you get something called “Trip Coins” and once you rack enough up, you get some money off your next flight.

Google flights are amazing. It is without a doubt, the fastest most user-friendly option to not only compare flight prices across airlines but across dates.


I like to browse the ‘Trip’ app when I am bored. Instead of wasting hours on Instagram, why not research flights? The more you familiarize yourself with price trends, the more equipped you will be when it really matters.

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