Tips For Solo Travellers

Traveling solo as a woman can seem to be an intimidating way to explore the world for many people. But, the reality is that thousands of women travel solo and are more independent and confident because of it, Myself included.

It isn’t always possible to find friends or relatives who are able to travel with you and this certainly shouldn’t stop you from going where you want and exploring the parts the world that you’ve dreamt of.


Here are tips that will prepare you for solo female travel!


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Fake It Till You Make It

Nobody starts out as a wonderfully confident solo traveler. This is something that comes over time as you become more comfortable finding your way by yourself and making your own choices. However, solo women who look lost or confused can often attract the wrong kind of attention. Try to look confident and walk as though you know where you’re going until you develop your own natural confidence. If you ever do feel uncomfortable, use your best judgement and seek help. Confidence is not to be confused with cockiness or carelessness in a sketchy situation.

Try To Blend In 

One of the easiest ways to attract the wrong type of attention is to wear clothing and to carry yourself in a very different way than the local women. Avoiding outfits that scream “TOURIST!” is some pretty obvious advice. If the country you are visiting has women that dress conservatively, do the same, as this will help you to avoid being singled out as a potentially vulnerable target.

Stay In Touch Via Social Media 

Letting people know where and when you will be traveling is a very good safety blanket. While friends or family at home may be limited in what they can do, leaving a breadcrumb trail of your travels on Facebook or a blog is a great way to reassure everyone that you’re safe and enjoying yourself. As you meet fellow travelers, becoming friends on Facebook is a great way to keep in touch, and maybe in the future we will be  in the same place and meet up!.  I’ve met so many people throughout my travels that I still talk to regularly because of it.

But don’t waste all your time in these new countries trying to keep up with social media, you may not have a long time in that country you don’t wanna be looking at a screen the whole time, do you?

You’re NEVER Alone

I mean this both figuratively and literally.

As I mentioned before, you will meet SO many people while traveling solo that, at times, you may seek solitude. It’s weird. Sometimes I find it harder to find alone time when I’m traveling alone than when I’m with friends.

As for the “figuratively” part, never let the first words out of your mouth be that you are alone. It’s always best to use caution and to not make yourself seem vulnerable.

This isn’t to say that you should be paranoid but, if you ever feel uncomfortable, remember “you are never alone.” If you are getting strange questions or want to get out of a conversation, it’s easy to say something along the lines of, “My boyfriend just went to use the restroom and I’ve got to run to meet him. Great to meet you! Bye!” Or, “I’m meeting my parents here. They’ll be here any minute. Nice to meet you. BYE!. just get out of the situation and carry on.

Learn The Basics Of The Local Language 

Not being able to communicate is something that puts travelers at a distinct disadvantage in many situations, so having the basic words in the local language for basic needs, directions and how to ask for help is very important.

As well as being useful for dealing with everyday activities, it can also help you to avoid being ripped off. Many locals show more respect to visitors who make the effort to learn some of their native language, and often they will help you pronounce it correctly and then ask if they are saying words right in English is exchange! win-win situation. 

Research You Destination 

Understanding your destination is vital when it comes to planning what to do if something goes wrong. It is always worth checking to see if men in the area are particularly forward or have a tendency to approach female travelers. Knowing the typical tourist scams of a particular destination is also important to look into. finding out these things are very easy to do via the internet, other travellers blogs, videos, travel friends who have been to the certain country.

Trust Your Gut

if you have a bad feeling about something, trust yourself and remove your self from that situation as soon as possible. but don’t let one situation hold you back from other activities, just continue to trust yourself.

Say NO! ( And YES!…) 

Some situations you have to trust your gut and say no, but take chances and say Yes!.

You may do some pretty unbelievable things if you just say YES once and awhile even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. Being out of your comfort zone is what traveling is all about! 

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*Traveling Leaves You Speechless But Turns You Into A StoryTeller*

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