Group tours vs Solo Travel

I have done tour groups and solo travel, with both of the experiences under my belt I have come up with a few pros and cons to both. With those I mind I am undecided on which kind of travel I like the best. Here I’m going to tell you thee pros and cons for both Group tours and Solo Traveling and let you make up your own mind on which way to travel is best for you, your personality and what you are looking for in the way you see the country you are going.

Group tours Pros:

  • Easy
  • It’s all organized
  • Instant friends
  • Like minded people
  • Hotels
  • Leaders to show you the do’s and do not’s
  • Introduction to the country
  • Safety in numbers
  • People to share and reminisce of good times with
  • Become close with your group
  • Family away from home
  • someone to always take your picture

Group tours Cons:

  • So Expensive
  • Fast paced
  • Can’t do what you want
  • Hard to meet people outside of the group
  • Not much freedom
  • No privacy
  • Clashing personalities
  • Different interests
  • Different mind sets
  • Set schedule
  • No ‘Me’ time

Solo travel Pros:

  • You’re the boss
  • Meeting new people is much easier
  • Hostels are better solo
  • Reflection
  • Grow as a person
  • Flexibility
  • Deeper satisfaction
  • Forced to get out of your bubble
  • ‘Me’ time
  • Build your confidence
  • Go with the flow

Solo travel Cons:

  • Everything is on you
  • Making plans
  • Safety
  • Loneliness
  • Sometimes stressful
  • Uncertainty
  • Social rejection

In the end, Its your trip. As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both solo and group travel. As I mentioned before, a lot of it really depends on your personality. Think of how you are in your everyday life—would you rather be alone or with a group? Do you like your solo time, or do you prefer to be in the company of others? It might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re traveling for any length of time, it could mean the difference between an enjoyable, memorable trip, or a miserable trip. To have the best of both worlds why not do both? Do 2 weeks travel group then 2 weeks solo. Make your choice based on what you want out of journey. Making the right choice for you will ultimately make or break your trip.

*Traveling leaves you speechless but it turns you into a storyteller*

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