All About Me!

Where ever and who ever you are, Hello! i’m Danyka, a 21 year old trying to figure out life and see the world as she go’s. I want to share a bit about myself and tell you how I got into travelling.
I was never  introduced to travel by my family, I just sorta fell in love with the idea, and with that idea I made it happen.  I followed my own heart and started my new life.
My passion for travel really kicked into high gear when I went to Italy on a school trip in grade 11, from there I started planning my solo backpacking trip to Southeast Asia for after I completed high school in 2016. After returning home from SE Asia I was bombarded with questions and I had so many stories I want to share with as many people as possible to inspire them to travel as well, instead of just reaching out to the people around me I decided to start a blog to spread all my stories and tips to people from all over the globe.
I’m a backpacker kicking ass and taking names! (and seeing some pretty cool countries at the same time;). I hope you find my blog helpful and if you have any questions just find me on facebook or instagram!

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*Traveling leaves you speechless but it turns you into a storyteller*

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