Travel? why would you do that?

Why do I travel? hmm.. that’s a hard question to answer.

In the midst of my “soul searching” which is just a fancy way of me saying I was thinking while in the bathtub, that’s when it hit me. I want to travel.People travel for different reasons. Some travel to learn more about the world. Some travel to experience new things that force you out of your comfort zone. Whatever your reasons are, it doesn’t matter. Travel is personal and shouldn’t have to be justified to anyone.

Now I am not saying that your reasons should be in sync with mine, but hopefully they might somehow inspire you to explore beyond what’s familiar and to take the time to embrace the things that traveling can teach you. 


IMG_0237*picture from Thai Secret Cooking School*

Reasons why I travel

  • I travel to challenge myself in new ways every day
  • I travel to explore
  • I travel to meet new people 
  • I travel  to experience new cultures 
  • I travel to prove to myslef i can do anything 
  • I travel to see new things everyday 
  • I travel because everyday has a new adventure and experience 
  • I travel to be happy
  • I travel to find myself 
  • I travel because it gives me the freedom to be myself 
  • I travel because I want to learn about the world
  • I travel because I want to know more than what I can read 
  • I love to travel cause there is always something new to taste 
  • I travel because the souls you meet along the way make impacts on you 
  • I travel because every turn makes a new memory
  • I travel to remember how blessed my family and I are
  • I travel to change my perspective
  • I travel for freedom
  • I travel because of the unknown
  • I travel to feed my soul
  • I love to travel because I learn more about the word from travel then years in school
  • I travel because its like a natural high  
  • I travel to live my dream
  • I travel to meet lifelong friends 
  • I travel because it brings out the best in me 
  • I travel because I want to
  • I travel because it makes ME happy.

  • IMG_1486*4 amazing new friends*IMG_0399

         *3D museum in Chaing Mai, Thailand*

There are so many reasons why i travel, and some cant be explained. But if you have traveled you will understand the high it brings into your life. My reasons to travel are MY reasons, Yours might be completly different.

Travel gives you a complety new prespective on your life back home. Travel really does make you reflect on the things you have at home and how blessed you are to have  the simple things in life such as clean drinking water, and the allowance of going to school, or even a bathroom, and good health that in some countries is just not an option. Travel makes you step back and evaluate your life and make changes as you see fit.

If you have the chance to travel, GO. Get out of your everyday bubble and step into a new mind-set. You will never regret your decision.

Go and enjoy your life in a new country with a new view and different opportunities everyday! 


*Traveling leaves you speechless but it turns you into a storyteller*

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